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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Santo Left Out...Again

For the second consecutive time, the Veterans Committe has not elected anyone to the Hall of Fame. The lovable former Cub Ron Santo, along with Gil Hodges, received 52 votes--8 votes short of the necessary 60 votes, or 75%, for induction. With 65%, Santo and Hodges were the closest to achieving Hall of Fame immortality of the 25 candidates. Some other players of note left out of the Hall include Tony Oliva (45 votes), Jim Kaat (43), Joe Torre (36), Maury Wills (26), Vada Pinson (23), Luis Tiant (20) and Roger Maris (19).

The Veterans Committee votes every two years, so Santo will once again begin his seemingly endless campaigning for the 2007 vote. After missing induction in 2003 by 12 votes, Santo added 4 votes to his cause this year. Santo had another chance for Hall of Fame enshrinement through the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting, but that award went to Jerry Coleman. It would have been nice to see Ryne Sandberg and Santo elected into the Hall together; two of the most popular Cubs players ever, enshrined side-by-side. But Santo will just have to keep on waiting until his time comes.

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Ron Santo: Still waiting...
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